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JF Duquette


ALTITUDE is very proud to introduce you to their first ambassador; JF Duquette!! He joins our team and will help you discover the benefits of our maple syrup energy boost. 🍁🍁

JF is a passionate runner.
He runs with his heart and soul.
He loves sharing his runs and talking about his passion.
He prefers trail runs through the mountains, but it's not rare to see him running on pavement as well.

Beyond the many faces who seem to be suffering after finishing a race, you'll find an athlete who's always smiling, reflecting on his self achievement. Jean-François Duquette fought through cancer in 2010 and now 38 years old, is a father of 3 children. There is no doubt that these facts explain in part his philosophy of life.

A resident of Mont-Tremblant, in the Laurentians, Quebec, he can only praise his beautiful surroundings, a perfect area for trail runs. As an athlete, let's say that after his years of Ironman triathlon training, he now enjoys training alone or with his club members, in the forest, trails and mountains. Every-time he goes out for a run, he realizes that it's in those natural environments that he feels in perfect harmony and pushes his limits without any pressure.

He admits that he always likes to push his limits to see how far he can go. In fact, during trail runs he's in a constant battle with himself, a battle to reach his personal best.

JF says: "It will be a pleasure to meet you during an event or even share a few kilometers with you during a run, to live a passion that connects us all: outdoors and sport."

JF, we are more than happy to have you join us at ALTITUDE‼️ ️

You can also follow JF on SoulPeaks & SoulPeaks MindSet.


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